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What is a cleaning specialist?
The professionals who come and provide quality cleaning services to you.
How many cleaning specialists will be used?
Depending on the job and the size of your space we will send a minimum of 2 or a team to complete the job at hand.
Are you bonded and insured?
Yes, we are.
What is your guarantee?
We have an outstanding track record
What days are your services available?
Hours of operation are Sunday - Friday however, special arrangements may be made outside of these days. Contact for more information.
Will the first clean take longer?
In order to bring your place up to our standards, the first initial cleaning will take a longer period of time so that we can ensure you with the satisfaction of giving your space that deep cleaning it needs.
Do you supply your own cleaning products/equipment?
We supply all of our own supplies and equipment to complete the job. We have been working with these products and equipment and find them to be very successful. However, if you prefer us to use your equipment or solutions, we most certainly will.
Cancellation policy?
You may cancel your scheduled cleaning appointment at any point. Although, we would appreciate a call prior to our janitorial staff leaving the office.
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